To broadcast what my eyes perceive and to make some to you profit, the plunge towards the photograph was taken.

For 10 years as an autodidact, and impassioned by the photograph I have always sought to exceed myself to give you best my photographs.

The photograph offers an open-minded to me on nature, architecture and on Article.

To photograph a tree, a building or an object is always a challenge for me because it is necessary to find the good angle and the good light in order to move you.

That the sky is blue or cloudy the challenge is always the same one, to transport the spirit of the person who looks at the photograph in order to alleviated it.

I take the pictures only in Raw format to preserve the true colors!!!!

Logiciels: Lightroom, Affinity photo, Photomatix pro, Rawtherapee.

I use the flash that when I do not have the choice, I prefer to spend more time for
To have a long break and to have a result which is in conformity with reality. The even moderate flash deteriorates the colors.

The technique of the slow & long installation enables me to better do to you To discover the space time
From a few seconds to several minutes, the most remarkable example is that of water, that allows you to see reality in suspended time.

It also makes it possible to make you discover the moment present, that goes as well for the clouds as to emphasize the lights of the evening or the night.

You will find several photographs which are examples of long installations.